Sunday, December 18, 2016

Aleppo, Syria: A Shia Sunni fight?

Now a days our social media is full of news regarding the atrocities being committed in Aleppo, Syria. This reminds me of October, 1990 and a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl named Nayirah. Before reading any further you should spend just four minutes and watch Nayirah to get the full impact at

Nayirah was not who she was presented to be. She was the daughter of Saud
Nasir Al-Sabah, Kuwait's ambassador to the United States at that time. Several members of the US Congress knew about it, but it was an inconvenient truth which was brushed under the carpet of national interest of America. At that time there was no Facebook or Twitter etc, few people had email. But there was CNN, and this clip was played on CNN day and night.  Her testimony, which was total fabrication, played a key role in turning American public opinion for the invasion.

Now CNN has lost its hold on the “truth” but Facebook, Twitter etc has taken over this business. It is on these social media sites that similar clips are being circulated showing dying and dead children. In addition a very subtle message is being promoted. And that message is that these atrocities are being committed by Shias on Sunnis. The objective is to raise hatred in the hearts of these two groups against each other, not just in Syria but all over the world. This objective is more important now then it was before, why? Because Trump is going to declare Jerusalem official capital of Israel and move American embassy to Jerusalem.  This is something that no previous American president, no matter how pro-Israel he was, ever did. This, in turn, will give Israel a green light to destroy Al-Aqsa mosque and rebuild the so called Third Temple in its place. 

For this to happen, Israel needs total capitulation of all of her neighbors in particular and Muslims in general. The best way to achieve it is by making them spill each other’s blood.


Sajid said...

With due respect, one might not be much interested in what a 15-year old said way back in 1990s as it is far history now. But yes, we can try to predict the future by analyzing the present with quick reference to the past.
To me, the crux of your narrative is "lets fasten our seat-belts as Trump, the lion is setting in shortly". Well, considering the immediate present, I would not buy off this argument for sure. By the way, why are we so much scared of Donald Trump taking office! Did his predecessors do any less to the Muslim world that he alone would be able to achieve their feat overnight! Lets count on quickly - G. Bush senior & co. waged war on Iraq in the name of protecting the custodians rather than the Holy Mosque itself and ended up setting Iraq on fire, remains and the ashes were later taken care of by his son Bush junior for setting the people of Iraq "free" from Saddam regime, and in their endeavors of doing so, they ended up giving birth to ISIS rather undeliberately. In between, a white house celebrity in Mr. Clinton was "awake" enough to commence surgical strikes in Afghanistan which later not only paved the way for Afghan war but also must have promoted the idea of striking through drones in Pakistan. Not to mention the role Clinton administration played in the Bosnia war. And then, a "controversially" christian and a Nobel Peace Prize *laureate*, Mr. Obama toed the same war-line his bosses did.
To cut the story short whose moral is the fact the US foreign policy is mainly constituted by its institutions and think tanks with major input from Pentagon to protect their national interests which are directly linked to their trillion-dollar weapon trade. Bearing that in mind, and keeping Trump's pre-poll statements aside, he seems to be the first in the recent times to challenge the US security establishment a.k.a Pentagon with his pro-Russia and alike statements, so much so that it set a cat among the pigeons and a CIA director had to term Trump's victory controversial in front of media probably for the first time in the US history.
Keeping aforementioned factors in mind, I reckon the so called racist and crazy president appears to suit Muslim side of the international politics more than his predecessors.
On Israel, do the country really care for a friendly US president stand shoulder to shoulder to get their heinousness legalized! What more negative a Jerusalem based US consulate could do that Israel have been unable to achieve to date! I might be issued a fatwa against, but to me,genocide of Palestinian Muslims and confinement of Gaza residents might be even bigger attempts to disgrace our religion than dismantling of Al-Aqsa Mosque (God Forbid).
On west intriguing Muslim world to spill over each others' blood...well, one would not buy off this narrative either with the former being declared the sole culprit. One wonders why Christian sects, say Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants do not spill over blood among themselves! or it is just that the Saudi backed Salafi-mindset vs. the Iranian inspired ideology with both mainly targeting Muslims have been unable to infiltrate into the Christian dynasties!!
The rest is up to you. My second moral of the story: Muslims, Shiites and Sunnis both, must put their house in order first before pointing fingers at others. A kind of hope in hell unfortunately but on the other hand it costs nothing to hope for the best.

Hamad Rasool said...

AoA May Allah bless the Muslim Ummah with the ability to detect the Tricks of this Game. How long will we remain the victims of such games by the jewish block. Please pray for peace and spread the matter to the maximum people around us and the world over, as these things may lead to disastrous events. Allah is the Greatest !

Waqas Yousaf said...

Sir Don't you think in compared to USA we are in much hurry to fight this sectarian war on all borders ? While we messed up in Syria don't you see what KSA is doing in Yemen just to expand his control (sunni control) in the region and have some ego massage with IRAN ? There is no US in yemen . And i partially agreed with your thoughts on this but tell me one thing these kings of ARABS (Saudis, turkeys,oman , qatar etc etc) are so dumb that they are willing to give up jerusalem to the israel ?