Saturday, May 7, 2016

مادیت اور ھمارا نظام تعلیم

This is a multi-part presentation dealing with the issue of how current education, especially our higher education system, is promoting a materialistic world view and what should we do about it. The slides are in English but the narration is in Urdu. Here is first part

This is part-2

Here is the last part


Rizwan Ishtiaq said...

Respected Sir,
First of all, i really appreciate your efforts, presentation shows in self the level of research done on this topic to cover all. Keep doing this. May Allah accept your work and reward you hear and hear-after.

Question are: People who are following Capitalism, they think by heart that this is the only solution for humanity. Whatever they are doing, all for the greater good? or they know these methods are not good and doing just for their own good?

As far as democracy concern, i was not clear about your stand. In my view Islamic system promotes democracy. This is the other thing, we failed to implement true democracy like in the age of "Khulfa-Rashadeen"

Nadeem Chaudhry said...

AoA, Rizwan sorry for the late response. Regarding your first question about people who are following Capitalism: my guess is that when you have vested interest in a system you tend to believe the system to be correct and good. Some one said "You cannot make a man understand a problem if his salary depends upon not understanding the problem." They are the beneficiary of the system and as such would promote this system.
Regarding democracy and "Khulfa-Rashadeen" there is a very good book

Alter Ego said...

Hazrat Ali said
"kufr ka nazam to chal sakta hai , magr na insafi ka nahin"

So before looking at various aspects of commercialism we should try to build a fair and just country.

Umar Suleman said...

Nadeem.bhai, you suggest that madrassun ko science parhani chahiye, basic hi sahi, par aap hi ne farmaya ke maujooda science khuda se door hi lejati he. Kuchh roshani dalen! Science kese parhanen, kaun si parhaen?

Nadeem Chaudhry said...

AoA, Dear Umar bhai, I said that Science is value neutral, it is the so called "Social Sciences" which are the problem and need to be re-established based on Quranic teachings. If you want I can give this presentation at your university and we can have an open discussion about it.

Rizwan Ishtiaq said...

Dear Umar,

If you see the results of science (with out having background influence means in neutral way) now science is proving the fact GOD (ALLAH) exists. Varies theories about life (staring life on earth), which claimed coincidence, is rejected in the light of science. Darwin's theory of "evolution" is totally reject by science.

In short, science is proving evidences in every field like biology, cosmology, physics, chemistry, astrobiology and biochemistry etc that Allah do exists. Now science is also proving miracles of Quran verse by verse.

I do agree with Mr. Nadeem that, lot of work need to done on social sciences and need to change totally our academic system.

@Alter Ego: I believe we need to concentrate on multiply things as same time, we can not say do one thing and other things will be inline.

Nadeem Chaudhry said...

Science will never be able to prove or disprove existence of God. Very broadly speaking, science is about repeatable experiments, provable and disprovable theories, and God does not fit into any of these three. More importantly Quran very clearly asks for belief in unseen God: that is the test.” Indeed, those who fear their Lord unseen will have forgiveness and great reward.” Quran(67-12) Once you “see” God than the test is over. We can “see” things through indirect means and proofs. For example physics has proven and shown the existence of gravity. So gravity is no longer “unseen”, we can “see” it in action at all heavenly bodies. Similarly, hypothetically speaking, if one is to scientifically prove the existence of God then the “who fear their Lord unseen” part is finished. So in my opinion this quest to scientifically prove God is a wasteful and misleading quest. Especially dangerous is to try to prove Quran on the basis of science. First of all science is a moving target, its theories adapt and change according to new evidence. Secondly Quran is a book of signs, not a book of science. And it is a book of signs for those who believe, “Indeed, within the heavens and earth are signs for the believers.” Quran (45-3)

abc said...

Salam sir
I agree with your all points...
But may ap say ya kehna chahta hn k agr koe sabjac kisi ostad k bagair nhi ata...
To tableeg ka azeem kam jo sir NABI krtay thay pehlay wo kaisay a skta hy seekhay bagair....
Meri ap say guzarish hy ap kisi alam say tableeg seekhay...takay ap ki ya mehnat or successful ho skay....thks

Rizwan Ishtiaq said...

What do you exactly mean by "tableeg"? you seems to be confused here.
"tableeg" means to convey. convey what? the message of Allah

at nut shell, "tableeg" is for non Muslims, once you are Muslim (as we all in Pakistan) than we should be Muslim, practically implementing/following the things which our Allah/creator wants from us.

Islam is not any concept, it a way to life, which blogger tried to explained i-e we need to change our system

Nadeem Chaudhry said...

Dear abc AoA,
Two requests: first of all please use your real name, it seems very odd talking to “abc” :-), second please use either Urdu or English I find it very difficult to read Roman Urdu.

Regarding “tableeg” and your “Meri ap say guzarish hy ap kisi alam say tableeg seekhay...takay ap ki ya mehnat or successful ho skay” I spent last week with tableegi jamat in Chakwal, it was a good experience. Having said that I must also add: Please don’t consider Tableegi Jama’t as the sole custodian and only true party for the spread of Islam. This is one thing that I noticed and pointed to the ameer (leader) of the group that I was attached with. This problem is not unique to Tableegi Jama’t only, most of our religious parties are involved in this. The jihadi parties think that they are the true Muslims and Islam is spreading through their Jihad only. Those of us who do not declare allegiance with them are somehow less Muslim and/or less of a man. Similarly different sufi groups believe that it is only through them that Islam have spread and their path is the only true Islamic path. Sometimes they show so much reverence to their individual leader that they get quite close to shirk.
My above presentation is not targeted for non-Muslims. It is specifically intended for educated Muslims of Pakistan, particularly university students and faculty members.

abc said...

@Nadeem sir & @rizwan sab
I have not used word "tableeg e jamaat"
Where u guess this word from my comment?"
@rizwan...... if u said u all muslims in pakistan ..than y u want to change system here if there is all muslims here then pakistani system must considerd as ISLAMIC....
2ndly... if u want to change this system u have to convince ppl....
Accurding to u tableeg means convinceing
And if u want to convince u have to do

@Sir Nadeem
My point was that only reading books is not inough we have to sit around the true Islamic scholars for best approach in Islamic research... it is just advise u may or may not be agree.

Unknown said...

We are constantly told that this education system is good for us, especially by those who are its main beneficiaries. To understand what the intention and direction behind modern education, and what type of person and society, it is good to look at precedent from history. This is because present day propagators of "education" keep their real intentions secret. I would advise everyone to research how MacCaulay used education not to enlughten Man but to subjugate him.

"Macaulayism is the conscious policy of liquidating indigenous culture through the planned substitution of the alien culture of a colonizing power via the education system."
The same methods are being used today, now by the inheritors of the British System, the USA.

Rooys said...

Fully agree with you @Sir Nadeem Chaudhry,
educational system is the basic key.
and thank you for delivering such awareness.