Monday, March 10, 2014

Ukraine: Next Jihad in making and why should Pakistan care?

The results of the Crimean referendum planned for March 16th by Putin & Co is a foregone conclusion. It will be decided that Crimea wants to join Russia and Russia will accept Crimea with open arms. What happens after that should be of great interest to us because it will most likely involve some of us. Why I say that?

Obama & Co does not like it but they cannot do much about it at the moment, because US and its capitalist allies are not in a position to start a full fight at this stage of their civilizational life. They are like the old man who still wants to commit sin but does not have the energy to do so. So what is it that they can do now? Look for motivated Muslims.
CIA has learned from Afghanistan, Bosnia and other such encounters that the best motivated fighters are Muslims. They will fight without money, just on the promises of life in the next world. When the Red Army walked into different East European countries after WW-II no one had the guts to fight them, even though CIA tried to prop up resistance forces from local populations. It was only in Afghanistan that the Red Army had to lick its wounds and retreat back. The decisive factor was the Mujaheddin ( Muslim fighters ). True that they took weapons from CIA but they had the courage to face the menace of Red Army ( take a look at an old movie called “The Beast”). A friend of mine, who was a colleague of late M. M. Alam, told me that when the Americans heard that M. M Alam had single handedly downed 5 Indian jets in one sortie they came to investigate it. After reviewing the recordings from his plane they confirmed that yes indeed he has done it. In a post investigation meeting one of the American officer said to the Pakistan Air Force pilots “You must admit that we taught you how to fly”. To that M. M Alam said, “Yes you taught us how to fly, but our mothers taught us how to die.” It is the "how to die" part and mothers of Muslim ummah that made the difference, not the weapons that CIA provided. 
I am sure that as I am writing these lines, CIA is again looking for motivated Mujahadeen to inflict semi-mortal (why semi-mortal? see the end of article ) wounds on Putin & Co. They will not have to look far. About 13% of the Crimean population consists of Tatar Muslims. Their forefathers were deported by Stalin to Central Asia in 1944, and half of them died during or after the journey. They were only able to return after 1989; by which time their homes had gone and their culture had been erased. Turkey has a large diaspora of these Tatar Muslims.
These historical realities mean 1) these Tatar Muslims have legitimate claims to Crimea 2) they have genuine grief and score to settle against Russians. These factors will make them very easy/willing recruits for CIA. Once CIA gets the Ukrainian Jihad train rolling many others will get on board. This is where we, Pakistanis come in the picture.
We instinctively perceive every Muslim issue to be our issue and jump right into the fight without thinking through it. I am not against Jihad, but we should have a political strategy before we jump into the fight. We already have too much trouble at the moment to get into another fight.
Regarding why CIA is not interested in mortally wounding Putin? The alternative to Putin is the old style Marxism, which is on the rise in Russia as well as in Europe like Greece and Spain. This fight is between two capitalist corporations, not between Capitalism and Marxism. The capitalist West is not interested in revival of Marxism, it just wants the new kid on the block to behave and not challenge the old boys club.


Tayyab said...

May be it is too early to think of Pakistan's role in future international Jihad. The nearest Muslim countries are Turkey and Syria. I think the USA is looking forward to ruin Turkey by using it as a walk-way for "mujahideen" arriving from Syria towards Ukarine. In this way, USA has made a move on the Chess game with Russia. Russia previously repelled the move of USA for action in Syria. Now this is a counter move by USA. Muslims are being used for the last 4 decades on the name of "jihad". We can not stop this foreign funded jihad. Lets see what happen next in this game. The future effect of weak Russia are the reduced influence over Iran, Iraq and Syria. Then USA will pick these countries like ripped fruits.

RAHEELA said...

its a good piece of writing, quite an eye-opener, but what leaves me usually pondering about the issue of jihad is that is it the resourceless ness of the muslim youth to lay their lives for anything that has the attractive cloak of jihad , or really our mothers have taught us to die?
this should be the next research project from your side