Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our hypocrisy at display in broad day light


These pictures are not from some western country bent on humiliating Islam and Muslims. These are from the main road entering Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan. I would estimate that more than 20,000 vehicles travel this road daily with all sorts of people religious, liberal, secular etc looking at them. But we don’t react to anything anymore. To register your concern (if you have it) send email to


Muhammad Emran said...

In my opinion the man who hanged these pictures is illiterate and does not have any Islamic knowledge. But the company whose advertisements are these should be responsible for this nonsense.

Shahrukh said...

You are absolutely right sir, Things are going worse and worse, May Allah protect us and give us knowledge(fehm) and courage to take some step to change the society.

p.s. this email is not valid.

Nadeem said...

Shahrukh you are correct, the email address is not valid. I did not try the email because I had met the vice president of the society directly and showed hims the pictures. All the contact info about Model Town Society is at
BTW those displays are gone now.